Loan against Property

A loan against property can be taken as a business loan to grow your business, or to renovate your home or for children higher education. One of the cheapest retail loans after home loans; usually about 9.55%-16%. Here, Quick Loan Approval we provide best offer from various Bank & NBFC.

An owned property can leverage you with ample sum of money that can be channelized to serve different purposes and it can act as a financial savior in times of crisis. Loan against Property (LAP) is the financial product and type of secured loan that enables the borrower to fetch market value of the property from financial institute and deploy the amount to meet different goals.

Quick Loan Approval provides Loan against Property under its financial services and ensures its easy availability at best feasible deals. The applicant can avail 40%-70% of the market value of the property, which is loan to value (LTV) and continue to use the property for respective purposes. In addition, we offer LAP at competitive rate of interest that encourages loan seekers to draw best use of their existing property in advantage of their goals and expansion plans.

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You Can Use LAP for following purpose.

  • Expanding your business
  • Getting your son/daughter married
  • Funding your dream vacation
  • Funding medical treatments